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In the typical setting of the Franche-Comté, after a walk in the countryside or a water trail, come discover our restaurant.

Business or family meals, weddings, communions, baptisms,....

During summer, you can savour your meal on the terrace and enjoy the scenery.

All prices are net, inclusive of service and the menus exclude drinks.


New menu at € 16

Lunch only except weekends

Menu with course + half flat water + coffee: € 16

Menu with course + dessert + coffee + half flat water: € 20

Menu with starter, main course + dessert + half flat water + coffee: € 24

Children's menu at € 8

(Up to 12 years old)
Burger, trimmed ham or fish fingers
Surprise dessert


Menu 19 €

Egg in red wine sauce and comté crispy


Homemade terrine with two compotes

Soup of the day


Pot au feu ham


A truite belle meunière


Plate of sorbets in corolla


Caramel cream or comté

For your children this menu can be served in half portion at the price of € 11
with a drink, orange juice, coke or Diabolo

Terroir menu for € 21

Logis de France

Tartine comtoise
Hotpot comtoise
White cheese with coulis, or plate of sorbets in corolla
Caramel cream

Menu at € 30

Choice of

Pot of snail with cream

Homemade terrine with two compotes

Plate of cooked and uncooked ham and garnish

Homemade fish terrine

Mushrooms on toast and morels (extra € 5.00)


Homemade duck foie gras and toasts

(Extra. € 5.50)


Choice of

Cod back laqué with honey

Trout belle meunière or roasted trout with hazelnuts

Pork tenderloin in crushed cacahuette

Roasted rack of lamb simmered in its own juice

Pikeperch fillet coated in yellow wine
(Extra € 5)

Trout in yellow wine or mushrooms and morels
(Extra € 6)

Trout soufflée with morels with mousseline sauce au savagnin
(Extra € 6)

Grilled beef fillet
(Extra € 7)

Beef fillet with mushrooms and morels
(Extra 9 €)

Choice of


A plate of Franche-Comté cheeses green vegetables

Homemade Iced Nougat

Lemon mousse on palet breton

Plate of sorbets in corolla

Bavarian cherry pistachio

moelleux with chestnut cream and caramel ice cream with salted butter

This menu with cheese and dessert
€ 34

(Drinks not included)

Some wines

Cote du Rhône village: € 15,50

Bourgogne Aligoté: € 24

Corbières bright treble castle 2005: € 20

Arbois Savagnin: € 32

Côte de Provence: € 24.50